Grammar with Giggles [Part-1 to 8]

About the Series


Grammar with Giggles is a unique attempt to take away the boredom from Grammar.


This series has the following features that make it unique.


1.    Extensive practice through active participation that makes Grammar scoring in the workbook pattern of the book.
       There is sample writing area for practice within the books


2.    User friendly content that contains age appropriate tasks. For this the topics are taken up in such a manner that
       the teaching is limited to what is required in each class.


3.    Pictures on pages that catch the eye. Children love pictures and so four coloured artwork is used to take away the
       textbook feel from the books.


4.    A variety of tasks like matching, fill ups etc., to break the monotony of repetitiveness.


5.    Explanations before exercises and panel notes. These help to revise and recall and assists the students in
       solving the exercises correctly.


6.    Comprehension and Composition exercises for the early development and enhancement of writing skills in
       language as required later in higher classes


7.    Incorporation of CCE guidelines by having model test papers for FA and SA


  Pre Primary
  All Books